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Selling PC's properly....

Where you expecting lots of drop down menus, flashy images and jargon?   Perhaps you were, that does seem to be how everyone sells computers these day - be that an off-the-shelf one size fits all high street deal, or a mind-boggling array of components and endless lists of gadgetry presented by a face-less website.


At Darkstar, we like to think buying a computer is a bit like buying a car, you certainly wouldnt buy one without finding out if it suits you and we hope you wouldnt buy one without at least a test-drive.  Things are different here and we are proud of it!


When you buy a PC from us, you get it tailored exactly to your specification.  Whether you are a computer novice or an elite gamer, we talk to you about what you need, talk you through the components and leave you with a computer system that fits your exact requirements.  We dont fill our computers full of expensive gubbins that you will never use and we source and hand pick branded parts NEW from suppliers, to the specification that YOU require.  This means that you only pay for what you really need, hence why you can't see endless prices quoted - it really is like saying "how much is a car?"


Fair, transparent, simple and attentive.  This is how selling computers should be.


This is how it works:-


 - Fill in the enquiry form.

 - We will then email you within 48 hours (normally a matter of minutes) to start discussing your requirements in a language you will understand.

 - That really is it.  No sales patter, no spam, no "extended warranties".  We will tell you everything you need to know and leave the decisions with you.


Here is a quick guide:-


Business Computers


By far our biggest sector, businesses have relied on Darkstar for over 8 years to supply reliable computers to help run their businesses.  Our base units are normally descreet and house fast Intel processors.  If you are looking for something to power your accounts software, payroll, sales team or just to play solitaire on - these will suit you.


Family/Multimedia Systems


We see this type of computer as the one that sits in your front room at home.  Powerful enough to stream movies, play basic games, send emails, browse the internet and allow the kids to do their homework.  A jack of all trades and suprisingly capable.


Gaming Desktops


Our supercharged gaming machines are at the heart of Darkstar. Gamers for over 20 years, we have the knowledge and the passion to provide a computer that will be at the bleeding edge of gaming technology.  These highly configurable beasts really do contain the latest gear, we have the ability to liquid cool and can advise on overclocking.  If you are serious about PC gaming, this will do you nicely!




We supply laptops at three levels.  For entry level systems we use Acer.  A world leader in laptop technology, affordable and reliable.  For the more power hungry customer, we step up to Samsung's range of laptops and for the top end user, we like to use MSI G-Series computers.  Whichever level you are looking at, we can match a specification to your requirements.


Home Media Servers


We also have a bit of a reputation for home media servers at Darkstar.  Along with our sister company, Home Automated Solutions Limited, we really can turn your living room into a film and music spectacle!   We can turn that huge pile of DVD and Blu Ray's into a digital, on demand, cinema style experience, provide a different movie in every room of your house, automate your lighting, setup your 52" TV and even setup your entire house for WiFi and network access.  Fancy on-demand music in your bathroom?  No problem.  We can talk you through the whole process, conduct a site survey and tailor a solution to your requirements.  Nifty huh?


Ready to talk to us?  Here is the form:-

















































As a guide, our lowest priced computer is £350.00 plus VAT.   Yes, there are cheaper computers on the internet, but ask yourself this:-  


Am I getting genuine, high quality, branded components?  

Have I purchased a computer that does exactly what I would expect? 

Or have I been overcharged for second hand parts and a computer I dont understand?


Thats the difference you see?  We really do care that your computer works for you - and keeps working! 




All our work is insured and guaranteed with our two year warranty.

We wont hassle you, if you decide not to buy from us, your email will be deleted and you will not be contacted again.  We do not hold your email in any database and do not sell it on under any circumstance.

If you would prefer to be contacted by telephone, please do say so on the form, we will call during our normal working hours.

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