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Internet Services



We offer a wide range of internet services - from something as straight forward as registering a domain name, to putting together a full package including website hosting and web design.  What makes us different is that we give you email hosting with every domain you register!  Thats hosting costs that you dont need to worry about.    


Domain names

You tell us the domain you want ( and we will do the hard work for you.  We'll be back to you quickly with all of the domain extensions that are available to you with that name (ie. / .net / .org etc.) and we will even show you some alternatives if the name is taken.


Dont forget, each domain comes complete with at least a single email address, hosted for you.


Multiple email addresses

Need an address for everyone in the family or office?  No problem.  We decided that charging on a per-address basis was too much faffing around, so if you want more than one basic address we wont hold you back!  Emails from 2 to 2,000 for the same price. Bargain.




IMAP allows you to keep your emails on our servers.  This means you will see the same email on all of your devices, delete it from one and it deletes it on all.  No more multiple spam mails! Yay!  It also gives you the power to organise your mail into folders and have those same folders on all your compatible devices, safe in the knowledge that when your PC breaks, your emails wont.

Website Hosting

Its all very well having a domain name, but having a web presence is where its at.....


We can host your website - no problem.  Wether you have one already made, are hosting it elsewhere, or you want something special, we can do something for you.  Offering several levels of control,  catering for those that want something as straight forward as a single information page to those wanting full control over their websites, we have packages to suit.  


Space to rent..... just the basics with X


If you already have a website - wether with another provider or not - our basic hosting will take care of things.  We can help you transfer it to our servers, get it uploaded and allow you to put your feet up.  If a simple space to rent is what you are after, this will be perfect.


New and shiny..... professional websites designed by us


Our XX package includes a four page website that we will look after for you. Complete with your own graphics, logos, pictures and content and lots of rather excellent tools!  Whats more, we will process any ongoing changes for you, manage your email accounts and keep things organised for you.  Its a great package for those wanting an interesting and dynamic website but dont have the time or the inclination to design, build and maintain it themselves.  We keep all this in a special package at a single price so you dont even need to worry about hidden costs or complicated changes!   


You're the boss.....full control of your web-space


For our more tech-savvy customers, we can hand things over to you!  Full control over your emails, content, scripting, SQL databases, ftp access, statistics and web design - all taking place through our very handsome and comprehensive control panel.  The XXX package gives you the freedom and control to do your own thing - backed up by our competitive prices and rock solid UK servers.  We have your back.





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